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2455: Posture Support Lightweight Elastic

HCPC Code: L3660 - Posture Control Shoulder Brace

This shoulder brace is made from comfortable, easy-to-care-for white materials. It serves as a gentle reminder to hold the shoulders in a natural, correct posture, and to help prevent strain and fatigue. It is an excellent choice for the workplace to help prevent slumping shoulders and poor posture. The support is specifically designed for wear while performing highly repetitive tasks like data entry.

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Features & Benefits
  • Chest encircling strap with simple buckle fastening for easy application and removal
  • Figure-8 design for easy application and adjustment
  • Cloth back panel reinforced with flexible stays
  • Adjustable non-elastic shoulder straps, well padded for comfort

Colors & Sizes

Colors: White
Sizes: X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large

How to Measure:

Measure around chest at the base of the breast bone.

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2455-XS Posture Support Lightweight Elastic White X-small chest up to 26.0 in.
2455-S Posture Support Lightweight Elastic White Small chest 27.0-32.0 in.
2455-M Posture Support Lightweight Elastic White Medium chest 33.0-38.0 in.
2455-L Posture Support Lightweight Elastic White Large chest 39.0-44.0 in.
2455-XL Posture Support Lightweight Elastic White X-large chest over 45.0 in.