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Division: OTC PROFESSIONAL Product Class: Orthopaedic Supports Product: ORTHOTEX® Knee Bracing – Styles 2541, 2542, 2543, 2544 & 2546 Contact: Customer Service – 800-888-0458, please press ”1”

Now there is a therapeutic option for individuals that require compression and natural body heat retention therapy, but are sensitive to products that contain latex rubber, neoprene or neoprene blend materials.

The new ORTHOTEX® line of Knee Supports and Stabilizers combine the best features of OTC ORTHOPAEDIC knitted, and CHAMPION PROFESSIONAL NEOPRENE braces and supports.

  • 3-dimensional knitted fabric for the ultimate in conforming stretch, support and comfort
  • This unique material is perforated and breathable, allowing moisture to escape for cooler extended wear, or wear in warm climates
  • Eliminates all concern of Latex and neoprene sensitivity, and associated allergic responses
  • Five practical styles in classic, sporty black, and in the widest size range available today
  • Models 2541, 2543, and 2546 feature a patella pad that may be cut in quarter sections for precisely targeted pressure over soft tissues

ORTHOTEX® styles include slip-on and wrap-around knee stabilizers with spiral stays (models 2541 and 2542); slip-on and wrap-around knee stabilizers with hinged bars (models 2543 and 2544); and a slip-on support with patella stabilizer pad (model 2546).